Sunday, July 29, 2012

Video: Gaza’s fishers under Israeli assault


Fishers in Gaza are under assault daily, braving Israeli warships in order to secure the products of Gaza’s Mediterranean seacoast, which support the livelihood of over 70,000 Palestinians in Gaza. Since 2006, the Israeli siege on Gaza has penned Gaza’s fishers into 3 nautical miles of the shore – when most fishing requires at least a 10 mile range, and even the 1993 Oslo accords secured 20 miles of fishing access for Palestinian fishers. Gaza’s fishery has lost 85% of its income because of the Israeli siege.
Jase Tanner, of the Vancouver Delegation to Gaza, filmed the following dramatic footage during a trip out to sea during his time in Gaza with a longtime fishing family, when their boat was fired upon by an Israeli warship, their steering disabled as they attempted to quickly sail toward shore. (Numerous fishers have been arrested and jailed, and fishing boats confiscated, by the Israeli navy.)
This is the daily experience of Gaza’s fishers – most often unnoticed and not filmed by international activists. Share this footage to inform the world about what is happening to fishers in Gaza as they attempt to live from their own sea that has supported Gaza throughout history:

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