Monday, September 26, 2011

CPSGaza Report - 25 September 2011


Today the Oliva, along with a boat with international press, sailed alongside Palestinian fishermen for their workday.

At 9 a.m. the Oliva's GPS showed that the ship was 3 nautical miles from the Gaza coast. Aboard the ship were three CPSGaza human rights monitors (American, Spanish and German), a Slovenian journalist and the Palestinian captain.

Two Israeli naval boats appeared at 09.35 a.m. and one started to pursue the Oliva. Despite the fact that the Oliva had turned back towards the shore, it took a while for the Israeli boat to stop chasing behind. The fishermen returned to the port with no injuries or attacks.


Israel has been regularly attacking Palestinian fishermen within the purported 3 nautical mile fishing limit. The livelihood of many Gazans relies on fishing and Israel has been using live ammunition and water cannons to prevent fishermen from doing their work.

The Israeli Siege continues after more than 4 years, limiting the sea area available for the Gaza population. This area was supposed to be 20 miles according to the Jericho agreements from 1994 (under the Oslo accords), then it was reduced to 12 miles, to 6 miles and now to 3 miles since December 2008.

The Civil Peace Services continue monitoring potential human rights violations at the sea in front of the Gaza Strip.