Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CPSGaza Report - July and August 2011


Since the 23th of July the Oliva can not fulfill its mission as an international observer, due to the engine spoiling attack. Since then the Oliva has being working with its land team in coordination with local Human Rights organizations like PCHR.

The land team was formed by two international observers and a Palestinian observer.

During this period of time 2 attacks from Israeli Navy over Palestinian fishermen were reported; the 15th and 16th of August.

The attacks took place in Northern Gaza Strip. The first attack came from Israeli control towers, which opened fire against a group of fishermen that were fishing in the beach (at 300 meters from the border). As a result of the attack Yassin Ali Zayed, 41 years old, was wounded by a bullet in his right leg. The second attack took place in the sea, opposite to Beit Lahia, and Palestinian fishermen were force to sail back to the beach. No casualties were reported.

In both attacks life ammunition was used against the fishermen.