Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PCHR weekly report 1/7 - 6/7/2010: 1 boy fisherman injured by israeli navy fire

extracts from PCHR weekly report 1/7 - 6/7/2010

Israeli forces continued to fire at Palestinian farmers and workers in border areas of the Gaza Strip and fishermen at sea. 
- Two children were injured, one of them at sea and the other while collecting raw construction materials. 

 Monday, 05 July 2010

At approximately 10:30, Israeli gunboats positioned at sea near the Gaza port, west of Gaza city, fired at Palestinian fishing boats that were sailing approximately two miles off Gaza shore. 'Allam Naser Fadel Bakr, 14, from al-Shati refugee camp, was wounded as a result by two bullets in the abdomen. The boat, which belongs to Mahmoud Abu Hweidi, was struck by two bullets to its hull. On board was Mr. Bakr, his father Naser, 49, and his brother Yaser, 18.

Mr. Bakr and his father were transported by another boat to the shore. Mr. Bakr was then transported to al-Shifa Hospital for medical treatment, where his wounds were described as moderate.

Yaser Bakr, 'Allam's brother, told the PCHR fieldworker that he boarded a fishing boat with his father and his brother 'Allam at approximately 06:00. They sailed from the Gaza port and were anchored approximately two miles off the shore. They threw the net into the water at approximately 06:30. At approximately 10:30, they were surprised by firing coming from an Israeli gunboat which was approximately a half of a mile to the north. They sustained fire from the Israeli ship for approximately ten minutes. 'Allam was wounded by two bullets in the abdomen as a result and the boat was struck by two bullets in its hull Another Palestinian fishing boat transported 'Allam and his father to shore while Yaser remained on the boat. The motor of the boat was broken and Yaser remained on the boat until another Palestinian fishing boat came and pulled it to the shore.