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Fisherman shot in the head and critically ill in Shifa’a Hospital in Gaza

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25 March 2010
Fisherman Hazem Gora’ani, age 26, from the town of Deir Al Balah, south of Gaza City, was brought to Shifa Hospital with serious head wounds around 9 o’clock this morning.

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Hazem Gora'ani in intensive care unit

An urgent operation lasting one and a half hours was performed to stop the bleeding inside his brain. Dr Samir Kahlout from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) told the ISM volunteers who visited Mr Gora’ani that his condition was critical and unstable and that he was unconscious following the operation. Over the next 72 hours Mr Gora’ani will be monitored and the decision will be made about the need for further operations, including to remove bits of shrapnel lodged in his brain.
We talked to Mr Gora’ani’s brother Nafiz who was anxiously waiting in front of the ICU with a relative and another two fishermen for news about Hazem.
Nafiz was not present when the incident happened and he gave us an account by their brother who was fishing with Hazem and a third fisherman in a small hassaka boat this morning.
They were fishing well inside the Palestinian waters, less than three nautical miles away from the shore with another hassaka, when they were approached by the Israeli speed boat who attempted to kidnap them and take them to Ashkelon.
They panicked and tried to sail towards the coast. In response the Israeli soldiers opened a barrage of fire which critically injured Hazem. A collegue who was present in the hospital told us that there are a number of bullet holes in the hassaka.
A group of Gazan fisherman whom ISM talked with recently told us that Israeli soldiers fire at the fishermen so frequently that incidents are rarely reported if they did not result in serious injury. Only a few weeks ago two hassakas were kidnapped by the Israeli soldiers and destroyed after being taken to Ashkelon, whilst the fishermen were being interrogated and later released.
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1_32Gaza, March 25, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) – Israeli gunships opened fire on Thursday at Palestinian fishing boats off the coasts of northern Gaza Strip and injured a fisherman.
Hasim Juma Qzaan was injured and taken to Kamal Adwan Hospital in Beit Lahia in the northern sector, Palestinian sources said.
Palestinian fishing boats are targeted daily, as Israel claims that they exceed the three-mile fishing limit.
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Al Mezan


Israeli Gunboats Open Fire on Palestinian Fishing Boats; injure one

At app. 9:30am on Thursday 25 March 2010,  IOF naval vessels that patrol Gaza sea opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats which were north to Al-Waha resort, west of Beit Lahyia town in the North-Gaza district. As a result, Hazem Ahmed Jom'a Al Qur’aan, 27, was injured in the head by the shrapnel of a bullet. According to medical sources at Kamal Odwan Hospital, his injuries are critical. He was referred to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.
In his affidavit to Al Mezan, fisherman Jamil Hassan Al-Aqraa’ stated that ‘as Palestinian fishing boats moved in the sea, and only after moving for 70 meters, Israeli boats opened fire at them directly, causing injury to my relative, Hazem, and damage to his boat (hasaka) severly’.