Monday, August 24, 2009

posted on In Gaza on the 23rd of August

Thursday [13/8/2009]

Fishermen protest the on-going Israeli Occupation Forces naval attacks on fishermen. A crowd starts at the Fishing Syndicate near Gaza’s port and move on to the UN headquarters a few blocks away. The Israeli navy continues to shoot upon unarmed Palestinian fishermen; damage or destroy their boats, nets and equipment; moreover, they abduct fishermen. This abuse and the limits on fishing is destroying the fishing industry, one of the few sectors remaining in Gaza. While fishing yield is hardly profitable nowadays, many unemployed Palestinians have turned to it seeking the few shekels or fish they can bring in for their families.


david oct 31*Israeli naval vessel dousing Palestinian fishing boat with high-powered, damaging water cannon. The Palestinian fishermen were fishing well-within the Oslo-allotted 20 nautical mile limit. [photo: David Schermerhorn, one of Free Gaza delegates Oct 31 2008]