Saturday, July 18, 2009

Israeli warships open fire on Gaza shores

Published yesterday (updated) 18/07/2009 09:44

Gaza – Ma’an – Israeli warships opened fire on Gazan shores Friday morning, causing no damage or injuries, but scaring fishermen away from the coast.

Fire from the naval ships permanently patrolling the Gaza coast since Israel’s war on the area in December and January was heard for kilometers around the shore near Gaza City, locals reported. Fire from the ships was also heard Thursday night, when shores were empty.

On Friday fishermen quickly evacuated the area, and will likely lose a day’s fishing.

The head of Ambulance and Emergency Services within the Strip's Health Ministry, Dr Muawiyah Hassanein, confirmed that no injuries were reported.

Israeli warships open fire at Gazan fishermen

Gaza, July 17, 2009 (Ramattan) - Israeli gunboats shot at Palestinian fishermen in the northern coast of the Gaza Strip on Friday, Palestinian security sources said.

Sources reported that the Israeli navy opened heavy fire against a number of Gazan fishermen and their boats near Al-Sudaniya neighborhood north of Gaza, no injuries or damages were reported.

The Israeli navy prevents Gazan fishermen to sail more than 3 miles into Gaza regional water, what makes it difficult to find the good fish.

Israeli gunboats frequently open heavy fire at Palestinian fishermen along the coast of Gaza.

Israeli army fires on Gaza shores

Friday July 17, 2009 11:54 by Katherine Orwell - 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group
Israeli warships opened fire on the shores of the Gaza Strip on Friday morning. Fishermen were scared away, but no damage or injuries were reported.

The Gaza coast - Photo by Andreas H. Lunde
The Gaza coast - Photo by Andreas H. Lunde

The area was evacuated by the fishermen, that will likely lose the revenues of a day’s fishing. The naval ships that are permanently patrolling the coast of Gaza, since the recent war, also opened fire on Thursday night. At that time the shores were empty

Israeli Naval vessels fire at Gaza

081121-eva-gaza_1Gaza, July 17, (Pal Telegraph) -The coastline along the Gaza Strip has come under the fire of patrolling Israeli warships which invariably monitor the shores. The barrages, which had taken aim at vast swathes of the littoral area on Friday, caused no casualties, the Palestinian Ma'an news agency quoted locals as saying.

Doctor Muawiyah Hassanein, the director of the Gazan Health Ministry's Emergency and Ambulance Services confirmed there had been no casualties.

The naval bombardments frighten off the local fishermen further restricting the sources of livelihood for the blockaded sliver.

The patrols have been staged on a regular basis since the recent three-week-long Israeli attacks on the strip which killed more than 1,400 Palestinians and left thousands of others injured.

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