Friday, March 27, 2009

PCHR: 1 fisherman wounded, 9 abducted in one week

Extracts from the PCHR weekly report No 12/2009 (19-25/3/2009)

IOF arrested 26 Palestinian civilians in the West Bank and nine fishermen in the Gaza Strip.

Monday, 23 March
At approximately 14:30, IOF naval troops opened fire at a number of Palestinian children who were on board of a fishing boat sailing approximately two miles away from Gaza Harbor. One of the children, 16-year-old Mahmoud Mahmoud Hijazi, 16, was wounded by a gunshot to the foot, and one of his fingers was amputated.

Wednesday, 25 March
At approximately 08:00, IOF gunboats intercepted a fishing boat opposite to Rafah beach. They arrested 4 Palestinians, including two children, who were on board the boat:

1. Mohammed 'Abdullah al-Najjar, 26;

2. Khalil 'Abdullah al-Najjar, 20;

3. Yousef 'Abdullah al-Najjar, 17;

4. 'Ali Hassan al-Najjar, 17.

· At approximately 12:00, IOF moved into 'Arraba village, southwest of Jenin. They raided and searched a number of houses, but no arrests were reported.