Wednesday, December 17, 2008

IOF Arrest a Fisherman off Rafah Coast


Israeli naval vessel arrested a fisherman, Zoheer Farahat, at approximately 7am Wednesday 17 December 2008. Witnesses reported that the fisherman was only 500 meters from the beach when a group of Israeli soldiers approached him in a rubber boat and opened fire at his fishing boat. Using a megaphone, the soldiers ordered Farahat to drive his boat west into the sea. When he was about 2 kilometers into the sea, they ordered him to take off his clothes, grab a robe that they threw in the water for him, and swim towards their boat. The fisherman was arrested and taken north. He was releases later at 3pm, and reported to Al Mezan that he was taken to the city of Ashdod, where he was interrogated. He was then dropped at Erez Crossing, north of the Gaza Strip and released. However, his boat and fishing nets were held by the Israeli navy.