Saturday, November 22, 2008

Darlene Wallach is in a prison in Ramle

Posted on the FGM website on: Saturday, 22 November 2008 10:34

Darlene Wallach is in a new prison in Ramle, a men's prison, but she's in a section reserved for illegal immigrants.

She wanted to pass on this information, "We were fishing about 7 miles off the shores of Gaza. The Israeli soldiers came on board the three boats via four Zodiacs. The frogmen came up and over each boat. They used a taser on Vik while he was still on the boat, then tried to push him backwards onto a sharp piece of wood.. He jumped into the sea to avoid being hurt more than he already was and was in the water for quite a while.

Then they came for me and forced me into the Zodiac at the point of a gun. They said, "You are in Israeli territory." even though is was obvious that all three boats were in Palestinian territory. They kidnapped me and Andrew and Vik and all of the Palestinian fishermen."

Today two women from immigration were there to see Darlene. They were very rude. Until just a few minutes ago, Darlene was refused a change of clothes and a mobile, but, thanks to Lubna and a nice woman at the prison, she now has both.

The authorities are saying they will refuse to send Darlene to London and want to send her back to the United States.. The judge said she would make a decision today so Darlene is waiting to hear the ruling . She still does not have a passport.

She sounded fine, relieved to finally be able to talk to someone outside Israel. I asked if she wanted me to pass on her phone number to friends and to any media who might like to interview her, and she said to absolutely do that.

So here is her number 00972527593144. If you know ANY media who would like to interview her, please let them know. This story is vitally important to get out to the public.
"The question whether Gaza remains an occupied territory is now of academic interest only. In the course of the cynically named "Operation Summer Rains" that commenced on 25 June, the IDF has not only asserted its control in Gaza by means of heavy shelling, but has also done so by means of a military presence." --UN special rapporteur on the human rights situation in the Palestinian territories, John Dugard.!OpenDocument