Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scans of shot Gaza Fishermen show Israeli Claims are False

Gaza, March 28, (Pal Telegraph) ISM Follow up Report on Gaza Fisherman Hazem Gora'ani:

Dr Osama Al Aklouk and his team from the Shifa’a Neurosurgery Department give evidence that dismiss Israel’s claim that they did not fire and that Hazem fell and injured his head. He is the head of the Department and Hazem Gora'ni was operated on by two of his surgeouns: Dr Haris Sheikh Deeb and Dr Jibara Awad Ala.
Dr Al Aklouk described the injury as follows:
A very serious explosive injury where a number of fragments were lodged between the skin and the skull and one large fragment 1x2 centimetres penetrated the skull (a white area in the centre on the CT scan) and caused brain lesion and serious bleeding.
Following a CT scan and urgent surgery was done to remove the blood, stop further bleeding and also metal fragments lodged between the skin and the skull were removed.
The large fragment inside the skull was not removed because the doctors have made an assessment and decided that Hazem needs to stabilise and than they would decide if removing the fragment is likely to cause more damage than benefit.
Hazem continues to be in coma in a critical condition and receiving ICU treatment which includes 24 hours monitoring, control of bleeding and decompression.
The large fragment is in a very sensitive part of the brain and Dr Al Aklouk did not want to speculate but said that it is likely that Hazem will have permanent mobility problems and changes in his behaviour are likely.
What caused the injury?
Dr Al Aklouk and his team were in agreement that the fragments have resulted from an explosion by an explosive device or an unconventional type of a bullet.