Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Israeli Forces Open Fire at Fishermen West of Gaza City

Al Mezan


On Tuesday, 21st May 2013, at approximately 1:00 pm, Israeli naval vessels began firing sporadically at a distance of six nautical miles towards Palestinian fishing boat “ Flouka”, which is a boat fixed in the middle of the sea covered in lights in order to attract fish, west of Al shati’ Camp, west of Gaza City.
According to Ibrahim Abed al Latif Bakir affidavit, on the same date, “while I was with eleven fishermen on board our fishing boat “Lanch”, heading to the “Flouka” boat one kilometer far from our boat, the Israeli vessels began sporadically firing towards us for a few minutes, and then they headed northward. He added, when we reached the Flouka, I asked my brother Rami to examine the damage, where he found four lights and an electronic motor were destroyed. After half an hour, we saw the Israeli vessel approaching us, stopped at a distance of 5 meters away from our boat, and used heavy water power used towards our boat, which lasted for ten minutes, then the Israeli vessel moved northward.”

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